Future performances

Future performances

Trailer 'Bascule'


Roots Company is a guest at the Patchwork Festival.

Patchwork dance festival is a modern and contemporary dance festival created to give young talented dancers and choreographers a chance to showcase their skills!


February 3 th - Damme, Belgium

February 18 th - Ostend, Belgium

March 23 th & 24 th - Ghent, Belgium

Tickets & info: Patchwork dance festival

Roots Festival is a contemporary dance festival which takes place every year.

It is our goal to show dance in its versatility and totality. We want to reach out to the world with our work and our vision on dance, which is:

  • Creating and performing contemporary dance performances for a broad inclusive audience
  • Creating and performing dance pieces with (vulnerable) youth
  • Creating stage opportunities

When? End of June

More information in spring

Roots festival